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Challenge Rules

Challenge Rules

Who can enter: 

The challenge welcomes entries from two groups:

  • Student Teams on which all members are students (i.e. undergraduate or graduate). Winning teams will be required to provide documentation of current enrollment status.
  • Professional Teams on which some or all members are non-students.
  • Team Size: min of 1, max of 5



Registration opens July 1, 2019
Informational session September 30, 2019 @ 12PM (ET)
Challenge opens October 5, 2019 @ 9 PM (ET)
Challenge closes November 7, 2019 @ 9 PM (ET)
Public voting opens & first round of judging begins November 8, 2019 @ 9AM (ET)
Public voting closes November 12, 2019 @ 9PM (ET)
First round of judging ends November 13, 2019
Finalists are announced November 18, 2019
Submission deadline for finalists’ pitches December 2, 2019 @ 12PM (ET)
Final round of judging begins December 2, 2019
Winners announced December 13, 2019


To Enter:

  1. Registration form
    • Provide contact information for Team Leader and designation as a Student or Professional Team.
    • Team Leader will be the single point of contact for the Challenge Administrator. Team Leader is responsible for answering Challenge Administrator inquiries and disseminating updates to team members.
    • Registration is not binding and Teams can decide not to compete at any time. The Challenge Administrator would appreciate hearing about a decision not to enter and any feedback the Team would like to offer.
    • Cost data (MS Excel file) and associated documentation (pdf) are available below:
  1. Contest submission (due November 7 @ 9PM ET). Each Team will submit a package containing the following information:
    • Cover Sheet including the following:
      • Team name, type of team (Student or Professional), list of your team members and their contact information.
    • Short Narrative that addresses the following:
      • Brief description of the team’s goal
      • Description of the data elements found in your mobile app or website and why you chose to include them
      • What is required to bring your design to life?
      • Description of your marketing strategy
    • A Wireframe Template of your design
      • Provide a website or mobile app wireframe that shows what the final product would look like. Submit as a PPT, PDF, or word document.
      • Provide a thumbnail image of your design to be displayed on the Submissions page. Thumbnail should be approximately 200px by 200px and formatted as a JPEG or PNG file.

««« AT A MINIMUM, the design must deliver information about the price of one specific medical service to a user. «««

Additional information:

  • Teams may wish to consult resources in the FAQ section of the contest website. Teams may consult other research and analysis sources. Citations for all resources consulted are recommended.
  • Teams that propose incorporating other data sets should confirm that such data sets are publicly available and suitable for the proposed mobile app or website. Teams are urged to detail how they would join their new data with the existing dataset (note: matching provider names is a known challenge and should be addressed).
  • All questions can be directed to info@priceisyourright.org.


Evaluation Criteria:

All entries will be scored using the following criteria:

Public voting (Begins November 8, 2019 @ 9am et and ends November 12, 2019 @9pm et): The public will have an opportunity to evaluate all entries and submit a vote for their favorite entries. The public can demonstrate their appreciation for an entry via a “Like” and/or a retweet containing the entry’s stated hashtag and the contest hashtag, #PriceIsYourRight.

Judge evaluation: Our panel of judges will evaluate all entries using the following criteria and an established rubric.

  • Alignment with problem statement: We are looking for a design, user journey and data display that produces real benefits. How well does the proposed design achieve the goal of putting price data in health care consumers’ hands?
  • Consumer focus: Will the tool help consumers find low-cost, high quality care? What other consumer preferences are addressed? Is the tool well-tailored for the intended audience?
  • Understanding of the data: The mobile app or website should be clear about what information is being provided. Is it displaying the total price, the consumer’s share or some combination?  Can the payer-specific data be used to customize the user experience?  What was included or excluded, and why? What information is required from the user, e.g. their health plan provider, plan type?
  • Ease of use: How does the mobile app or website minimize barriers to finding the information a consumer would want or need to make an informed choice about where to go for care?
  • Dissemination strategy: How likely is your proposed marketing strategy to attract intended users to your mobile app or website?
  • Feasibility: How much of the data in your mobile app or website is pulled from the MA or NH datasets? For any datasets you use in addition to the MA or NH datasets, which organizations would provide this data and how might you merge it to the MA or NH data?


Evaluation Process

  • First Round (begins November 8 and ends November 13). All entries will be evaluated by a minimum of two judges using a scoring template. Public votes earn you extra points. Teams with the highest average score will be invited to advance to the final round of the challenge. A total of five finalists will be selected.
  • Final Round (begins December 2 and ends December 13). We want to hear from you! All finalists will be asked to submit a short recorded ‘pitch’ (due December 2 at 12pm et). Walk us through your mobile app or website. Tell us about your design and narrate a user’s journey through it. Email your recording as a compressed file or upload it to YouTube and send us the link. Finalist entries will be evaluated by all of the challenge judges.





All entries will be posted on the Contest Website after screening by the Challenge Administrator.

Student Team: One Winner will be awarded a prize of $2,000

Professional Team: One Winner will be awarded a prize of $2,000.

Honorable Mentions:  Entries that do not win but demonstrate a compelling concept or solution may receive an honorable mention. Up to five Honorable mention awards and prizes at $500 each will be granted at the Judges’ discretion. One honorable mention prize will be awarded to the team with the best use of Massachusetts data.


Prizes won by a Team will be awarded to the Team Leader and the Team Leader will bear all responsibility for distributing a Team prize to the Team members. The Judges, Challenge Administrator and Challenge Sponsor have no further obligation to any Entrant, Finalist or Winner after awarding of the Prizes described above. Each Entrant, Finalist or Winner assumes all liabilities associated with entering this Challenge and the receipt of any Prize. An Entrant, Finalist, or Winner may decline advancement in the Challenge and decline any Prize prior to its award. Withdrawal from the Challenge or declining a Prize at any time will nullify an Entrant’s designation as a Finalist or Winner of this Challenge. The Challenge Administrator has the discretion, in the event of a tie, to split prizes.


How to enter:

Email your application package to info@priceisyourright.org by November 7th, 2019 at 9PM (EST).



Additional Rules



The Challenge is open only to individuals (whether participating alone or as part of a Team) who are 18 years old or older as of their time of Entry.

The following are not eligible to enter the Challenge if, during the Challenge, they were or become:

  • employees of the Challenge Administrator;
  • any Direct Family Members (parent, son, daughter or sibling) of any such employees;
  • Challenge Judges or their direct family members;

anyone involved in designing, developing, judging, sponsoring or administering the Challenge (or their Direct Family Members)


Team Leader Responsibility

  • There will be a place on the Official Entry Form to list all Team members. A single individual must be designated to serve as leader (“Team Leader”) for the Team. Each member of the Team must sign a copy of the release form.
  • Each Team must be led by a Team Leader. The Team Leader must be a resident of the United States of America or an enrolled student at a US academic institution.  Each Team may only designate one (1) Team Leader and, when asked by the Challenge Administrator, the Team Leader must be able to show proof of eligibility, including but not limited to, proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residency.
  • Student Teams may include a faculty advisor but are not required to do so.



  • Multiple Entries from Team are allowed provided each Entry addresses a separate and distinct solution.
  • Changes/edits to entries must be in the form of a complete resubmission. No edits will be made on behalf of contestants by the Challenge Administrator.
  • Each Entry will be reviewed for completeness and appropriateness of the Challenge by the Challenge Administrator. Each Entry which, in the Challenge Administrator’s judgment, reasonably completes all the fields in the Official Entry Form will be deemed a “Qualified Entry”.  If an Entry is not deemed qualified, the Entry will be disqualified. The Challenge Administrator has sole authority for determining whether a Team is qualified and an entry is complete.
  • Utilization of content, technology, materials or other intellectual property not created or owned by Entrant or without authorized license is grounds for disqualification and legal action. Evidence that an Entrant is misrepresenting or inducing others to misrepresent support or engage with Entrant’s project is grounds for disqualification.
  • All information submitted must be non-confidential.
  • The Challenge Administrator assumes no responsibility for social media activity. All content, accounts, postings and material content are the responsibility of the Team.


Intellectual Rights

By submitting an Entry, you warrant and represent that you either own the intellectual property (IP) rights to the Entry or have appropriate licensing rights that allow you to submit an Entry. Because all Qualified Entries will be published on the Challenge website, all Entrants should secure the IP rights to their Entry before entering the Challenge. Entrants will continue to own the IP rights to their entries. The Challenge sponsors only ask that Entrants give them a worldwide, perpetual, non-exclusive, non-revocable license to post the Qualified Entry on the Challenge website. At the Challenge administrator’s discretion, an Entry whose ownership is claimed by a third party may be (a) disqualified; (b) allowed to compete; or (c) held in suspension while the Challenge administrator considers the matter. Entrants agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Challenge sponsors against any claims of intellectual property infringement that arise from Entrant’s submission.


In consideration for being allowed to participate in the Data Challenge, your Team permits the contest to use personal and biographical information and permission to display Team’ entries on the Challenge website.

Release of Liability:

In consideration for being allowed to participate in the Data Challenge, I release from all liability and waive my right to sue the organizers and sponsors of the Data Challenge (CHIA, MeHI, Freedman HealthCare, Harvard, and the Donaghue Foundation), their directors, employees, officers, volunteers, agents and assigns (collectively “Organizers”) from any and all claims, including claims of negligence, resulting in any physical injury, illness (including death), intellectual property infringement or economic loss I may suffer or which may result from my participation in the Data Challenge, travel to and from the Data Challenge, or any events incidental to the Data Challenge.


Winners are responsible for reporting and paying any income taxes or other taxes that may apply to accepting prizes.  The Challenge Administrator is not responsible for any such taxes.