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Congratulations to our challenge winners!

Student Grand Prize Winner: HealthyCent$

Professional Grand Prize Winner: HSRI Data Miners


Honorable mention prize winners:

Most Innovative Added Feature: Team Archie

Best Functionality to Connect with Providers: Come On Down (Prices)!

Most User- Friendly Design: Access Health

Design Best Suited to Target Audience: MJEM Consulting

Most Innovative Application of Data and Visualizations: Entr0py


The cost of health care is now the greatest financial concern for Americans and almost half have difficulty paying their out-of-pocket medical costs. There has been bipartisan interest at the state and federal level in increasing price transparency. For example, earlier this year, the President issued an Executive Order that includes requirements that health plans release price data. Americans could be helped if they had the tools to easily identify which providers are high quality and lower cost for office visits and diagnostic tests. Fixing that problem is the goal of this contest.

This design challenge seeks creative minds to translate these complex data into a more user friendly and easier to use format. Using actual cost data from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, we invite you to show how you would help consumers use this valuable information.

Vision for Challenge:  Our charge is to design a mobile app or website that presents cost data in an easy to use format that allows patients to make better decisions on where to get their healthcare.

The Goal: Provide a design for an interactive tool that guides patients to obtain price and other information to help choose a medical provider.

We are interested in designs that:

  • Turn complex data into simple information: Offer an intuitive, easy to use tool to access complex health price information. This is key. Health price data can be complicated and overwhelming. How will you distill it to what is most important?
  • Identify high quality, lower cost of care: Makes it easy for people to find a low cost, high quality provider for a given service within their community.
  • Assist consumers in making decisions: Reflect the other types of information that consumers want to have when making a decision when deciding where to go for care, such as quality ratings and proximity.

Designers may decide to focus on a specific population segment or type of service (e.g. pregnant women, orthopedic problems) or include all the data. As part of the entry, the design team will explain the target audience and the rationale for their choices. Background materials about health care consumer behavior, health care pricing and the importance of price transparency are available here.

The Price Data:  the Massachusetts and New Hampshire price data are available in spreadsheet format and contain information on the type of medical service, code for the service, and price; the name and location of the medical provider. These contest files are public, available without restriction, and do not contain protected health information.

The data is available below:

Who can enter: The challenge is open to two categories of entrants:

  • Professional teams
  • Student teams

We encourage (but do not require) entries from multi-disciplinary teams who combine design skills with relevant expertise in areas such as health literacy, consumer behavior, communications, public health, analytics, and marketing.

Prizes: Two Grand Prize winners will be selected, one Professional team and one Student team. Each winning team will receive a prize of $2,000. Up to five Honorable Mentions and additional awards may be granted at the Judges’ discretion. Entries will be displayed on the contest website.

Registration to enter the contest does not bind the Team to submitting an entry. If the Team decides not to enter, please send a note to the Challenge Administrator with any feedback on your decision or the contest.

Questions? Send to info@priceisyourright.org